Precision Manufacturing: Designed to Be Built

At first glance it seems like finding a partner to manufacture something exactly as it was designed would be the goal.  But just following a spec may mask hidden costs.  Does the component need to be created this precisely?  And, more importantly, if it were designed differently, could it be less precise and less expensive?  For Barth, asking these questions and providing answers has saved our customers millions of dollars with no compromise to quality and delivery time.

Many times designs start by solving end-user problems.  The manufacturing process of a component is rarely incorporated into the design.  Without a thorough knowledge or the entire manufacturing process and supply chain, a design specification is really an educated guess.

The problem is, an educated guess can be costly as a manufacturing process scales up and expands out globally.  A good manufacturing partner can help maintain the end results of a design, but change it to enhance manufacturability.  This is true value engineering because it is maximizing every aspect of efficiency during manufacturing with no sacrifice to delivery, quality, or functionality.

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